Ecopool is a Somers, NY-based swimming pool company serving Westchester County, NY and parts of Fairfield County, CT. We have been in operation since 1995. Our service encompasses all facets of residential swimming pools and their operation except new pool construction:

Pool Services:
  • Opening and closings
  • Weekly services
  • Repairs
  • Expert, guaranteed leak detection and repair
  • Commerical pool servicing
  • Installation of alternative sanitization (water treatment) equipment including Salt, Ozone, Ionization and Ecosmarte
  • Hydraulic upgrades - increase the circulation of your existing pool
  • Vinyl liner replacement
  • Authorized Strong Spas Dealer
  • Pool safety covers by Loop-loc, Merlin and Meyco
  • Safety Code Compliance upgrades and retrofits
  • Pool resurfacing, plastering

Our philosophy at Ecopool is to keep the pool system as simple as possible, maintaining maximum circulation using equipment we feel will give years of trouble free service. The proper matching of equipment can make a huge difference in the operation of a pool. Is your pool pump noisy? It may be mismatched to its equipment and/or plumbing. Which also means it is drawing more current and wasting electricity - costing you money and shortening its lifespan due to excess stress on the bearings and wear on parts in the motor. We are not a retailer; Ecopool is a service-driven company hoping to provide the finest service, repair and renovation using today's best-proven technologies. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

The opinions and observations in this website are from our years of experience along with industry practices and can be used as guidelines for your information. We hope you find this information useful, thank you for visiting this website.