Solar Heating

Oil, natural gas, and propane prices fluctuate. As they get higher, the more attractive alternatives become. In an effort to keep our world healthy and green and your pool warm and inviting, we are installing solar pool heating systems. Most of us don't like to swim in cold water. If fuel costs are high enough you may not turn the heater on and as a result you may not swim and enjoy your pool as much as you could. We want to see people using and enjoying their pools. The real beauty of a solar heating system is that when the sun is out, it is on with no cost to you, which means your pool will be warmer more often, and at no additional cost.

Prices for installations range greatly but tend to be between $5,000-$11,000 for an average sized pool. If you have an existing heater, it can be used in conjunction with solar to attain temperatures not achieved through solar alone.

The bottom line on solar is that a properly sized system will heat your pool very well. The problem is that in the fringe months of May and October it will not provide enough heat to keep the pool "warm". We closed several pools the first week of October with water temperatures near 80 degrees with solar alone. The problem with the fringe months is that more heat is lost during the night than the solar will heat during the day. For the majority of the swimming season solar will work very well.

Ecopool proudly installs Heliocol solar panels with a 12-year warranty and the only panel with ISO 9002 certification.