Pool Safety

A pool should be a place of recreation and not fear. It is my goal to have all pools that are serviced by Ecopool be as safe as possible. A grate is a critical part of making a suction fitting safe. If you see a grate off at a pool anywhere, please inform the pool owner immediately. In addition, there is no substitute for proper supervision when people are swimming.

Safety Quick Tips:

  • Make sure all suction grates/fittings are properly installed and in place
  • Maintain proper chemistry/balance/sanitization
  • Dive cautiously
  • Clean skimmers prior to swimming (to reduce velocity and entrapment risk at other suction fittings)
  • Keep a "heads above water" policy in spas (hair is easily entangled/entrapped in spa drains)
  • Do not swim with excessively loose clothing (it can be pulled onto and block a drain easily!)
  • Know where/how to shut off pool equipment
  • Make sure fencing and gates are maintained and gates have working self closing latches.

There are several ways to improve your pools safety. One way is to make sure that only authorized people and supervised children use the pool. The following topics are also key to pool safety. Click on each to read detailed information about the risk and how Ecopool can help make your pool as safe as possible.

  • Fence: Perimeter fence and/or pool safety fence are great barriers to keep children out of the pool area.
  • Alarms: Current alarms fall into two categories: perimeter or water activated.
  • Entrapment: The risk of being pulled/sucked onto the suction fittings of a pool pump.
  • Suction Grates and Covers: Make certain that suction grates and covers are properly secured. Note: grates and covers have a "service life" of 5-7 years from date of installation; after that point they are considered "expired" and replacement should be considered.
Another way to make your pool safe is to have the people that are using the pool understand the risks of the pool.

Keep water CLEAN, BALANCED and SANITIZED to kill viruses and contaminants and to prevent water-related rashes. Do not allow bathers with Pink-eye (conjunctivitis) and other illnesses to enter the pool.

Do not dive into shallow areas.

When diving into deep areas, project the dive forward and away from obstacles and the bottom of the pool.