Pool Safety - Alarms

Current alarms fall into two categories: perimeter or water activated. Perimeter alarms alert when someone enters the pool area. They use laser or sensor detection similar to an electric collar on a dog. The problem with lasers is that false alarms are a constant nuisance due to animals and wind moving objects around. The problem with sensor detection is that you must have the wristband on, and it would be very difficult to have every person in the neighborhood to wear a wristband. A new technology using cameras integrated with observation software is in the works and may revolutionize alarm technology very shortly. A computer generated audible message such as "get away from the pool" or a barking dog sounds when a person enters a specified area around the pool. These alarms were said to be available in 2009 but are not yet available as of January 2009.

Water alarms only alert to when some has already fallen in the pool, sensing water movement. The problem here is someone needs to hear the alarm, ascertain what it is and react to it before someone is injured. If no one is home or no neighbors hear, nothing is done.

Pool alarms are now REQUIRED on new pool installations as of December 2006.

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