Pool Safety - Fence

Perimeter Fence and/or pool safety fence are great barriers to keep children out of the pool area. A fence is pro-active and stops people/children before they are within the pool area. Ecopool is a strong believer in pool safety fencing, as many existing pool fences and namely gates are not always in perfect repair, which may not swing entirely closed when someone leaves the area. A fence is only as good as its largest gap! Pool safety fences are generally installed close to the pool and are clearly visible so its integrity can be ascertained with a quick glance. In addition, they require a tall person to undo the latch, keeping younger children out. While gates are a great addition to a pool safety fence, there is a possibility that latches fall out of adjustment and do not close automatically. Check their operation frequently or omit the gate entirely. Most pool safety fences meet code as pool enclosures (required since the 1950s) so the installation of one will eliminate concern over the perimeter fence, but it sure cannot hurt to have both; working and protecting children.

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